Autumn Grooviness Refresh: Back to School with Mexicali Blues!

waHello, September! Whether you’re headed back to school or simply riding the tide of the shifting seasons, it’s the perfect time to embrace autumn’s approach with a boho blast of positive Mexicali vibes! Light up your world and enhance your energy for the new season with vibrant decor and outfit accents, creating an exotic aura of magical adventure and possibility as we move forward into fall! This pic shows some of our favorite early-autumn essentials; which item here is your favorite? What are you most looking forward to in the coming season?

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August 29th, 2015 Astrology & Energy: Full Moon in Pisces


Happy SUPERMOON in Pisces!  This lunation invites you to consider the key phrase “I believe”. It is time to believe in your capabilities, believe in yourself, and to recognize that you get what you believe.  What do you believe is possible?  As Esther Abraham-Hicks says, “a belief is just a thought we keep thinking.”  So get mindful now on the things you are telling yourself.  Are you making decisions from a place of love or fear?  The goal right now is just to recognize what you have been believing up to this point, and evaluate if these beliefs are in line with the life you want and who you want to be.

The deep and emotional Piscean waters are a bit challenging to navigate right now as we may feel called to get lost in fantasies of what could be, BUT Jupiter’s position in conjunction with the moon may make us prone to feeling anxiety about those ideals.  We may try to dream big and then get caught up in worrying about details and logistics, or feel guilt for not positioning ourselves better to achieve this all along. How frustrating, when we just want to feel free to dream! Beware of the tendency to over-indulge in anything that might alter your reality right now. These waters are mystical and we may want to get swept away, but it is important to try to stay grounded.  Perhaps ironically, Pisces rules the feet, so practicing feeling rooted to the earth through them, and giving yourself a foot massage or other TLC, is an excellent idea at this time.  It’s also a really good time to detox if you’ve been over-indulging already, drink more water, do more yoga, eat more vegetables and less meat, breathe deeply, and watch less TV!  Dreams might be wild, so pay attention to what they are telling you.  The energy of this supermoon and the surrounding days can get intense, but there’s also a lot of magic and possibility for heightened bliss swirling around it, so if you can be mindful of your beliefs and do healthy things for yourself, this wave will be a beautiful one to ride!

August 14th, 2015 Astrology & Energy: New Moon in Leo


Happy new moon in Leo!  It’s a good time to re-affirm belief in yourself and your capacity for love and abundance.  Leo invites us to live through the heart, meaning embodying your passion, being and doing and pursuing what makes your heart SING!  Leo is demonstrative, dramatic, and self-expressive, shining light on the full spectrum of love’s power–from feeling SO glowy and high that you might fly away, to the crashing crushing battered low of heartbreak and grief. Issues of intimacy are intensified, in ways that feel both beautiful and terrible, and if we pay attention to the way we welcome or resist, this can be an amazing turning point in your emotional life.

Leo brings the bright light of consciousness to the darkest places within us, and empowers us to take ownership of our lives and actions.  We can see how our choices shape our lives, if we are willing to keep our eyes open.  Pay attention particularly to the things you resist, interpersonal instances where you are SURE that you are right.  Is this certitude coming from your true values or is it an old story reflected and projected?  Let yourself be vulnerable and witness this honestly, for this is where the seeds of deepest healing are planted.

Venus is still in retrograde, so you may be thinking on the past or experiencing the return of old feelings or people who hadn’t been in your life for a while. Concurrently, ancient wounds and pain around shame and self-worth might be bubbling to the surface.  This is ultimately a really beautiful and helpful thing, because it makes these things easier to see and understand if you are trying, but be mindful of the tendency to project this stuff in your relationships.  Mind your words, take a step back and re-center yourself, and do your best to come from a place of love when conflict comes up.  Think what you will, but make the goal to ACT from the power of your highest self. Now is not the time to make dramatic proclamations, endings, or beginnings of a relationship.  The flamboyant nature of Leo might make it seem like a good idea in the moment, but do your best to hold off on big decisions when it comes to love, as you may find things look different when Venus goes direct again!
Focus on your talents now and embrace any and all creative pursuits.  It’s a great time to express yourself artistically.  It doesn’t matter if what you make is “good” or not; the key is just to throw yourself into it with abandon.  Follow the yearnings of your inner child, and call in your unique purpose to be strengthened and magnified. You are creator of your life, so own it!

August 23, 2015 Maine Event: Hidden Valley Nature Center’s Live Edge Music Festival


Mexicali Blues is thrilled to be working with the Hidden Valley Nature Center as a sponsor for the 2015 Live Edge Music Festival! This fabulous Maine festival will boast awesome music, delicious local food, refreshing craft beer, games for the whole family, and tons of fun!

This fest would be a hopping hootenanny anywhere, but it is particularly special as it takes place at and supports the Hidden Valley Nature Center, a wonderful organization at one of the most magical and ecologically diverse pieces of unspoiled land in Midcoast Maine. With nearly 30 miles of multi-use trails and a beautiful pond at its heart, the Nature Center is a environment and resource that we are SO grateful to have in our veritable backyard!

Throughout the year, Hidden Valley offers educational opportunities related to sustainability and ecology, trails and cabins for facilitating your own immersive experience in nature, and a showcase of innovative forestry practices intended to motivate loggers and landowners to adopt sustainable forestry practices.  In fact, last year they were awarded the 2014 Outstanding Tree Farmer of the Year award by the American Tree Farm Society!

This year’s Live Edge Festival is sure to be THE best yet, with an unbeatable musical lineup features an eclectic collection of 4 spectacular bands:

Redbird – a collaboration of exceptionally talented players steeped in the traditions of folk, blues, bluegrass and more.11796295_10153560962894600_5276734054378096336_n

Oen Kennedy – award winning singer songwriter, naturalist, and master bird whistler

Primo Cubano – Maine’s premier Cuban dance band is guaranteed to get you up and moving.

Inanna, Sisters in Rhythm – has been moving audiences with their deep rhythms since 1989. Through percussion and voice Inanna is dedicated to the universal language of music.

There will be delicious local food and drink provided by Sheepscot General, Jyang Lee Kitchen, Allagash, The Liberal Cup, and Geary’s.  Food & drink are not included in the ticket sale, so remember to bring cash!


There is an amazing bonus for ticket buyers who are quick to get on the bandwagon!  The first 300 tickets sold come with an irresistible offer: buy your $20 ticket (kids under 12 are free!) and get a buy-one-get-one-free coupon for a meal at any of 8 amazing local restaurants (Slates, Liberal Cup, El Camino, Newcastle Publick House, Crissy’s, Le Garage, Montsweag Roadhouse, or the Damariscotta River Grille) or a seal watch cruise on the Hardy Boat!  Up to a $20 value, this terrific deal makes your ticket essentially FREE! These tickets are going fast, so get yours ASAP!

There are two ways to get your tickets:

1. You can buy tickets at Mexicali Blues in Newcastle or any of these other partner/sponsor locations: 

Hardy Boat (New Harbor)
Slates (Hallowell)
The Liberal Cup (Hallowell)
Montsweag Roadhouse (Woolwich)
The Publick House (Newcastle)
Damariscotta River Grill (Damariscotta)
Le Garage (Wiscasset)
El Camino (Brunswick)

2. Or click on the link BELOW to order your ticket online (scroll all the way down the page) and HVNC will mail it to you.

We are SO excited to be sponsoring this event, along with Cribstone Capital, Skidompha Library, Ames True Value, and the CLC YMCA.  We’ll be there getting our collective dance on, so be on the lookout for our new (hard-to-miss) Tie Dye Mobile!  Instagram a selfie with it to show off your awesome hippie spirit and be sure to tag us #TieDyeMobile and #MexicaliBlues!  We hope to see you there!unnamed-8

July 31st, 2015 Astrology & Energy: Full Moon in Aquarius


Happy full moon in Aquarius! Tonight’s lunation is a BLUE MOON, which means it is the second full moon in a single month—a rare and auspicious event! This is a time to embrace feelings of idealism, creativity, and enthusiasm, and just follow them wherever they lead you. Any difficult feelings or situations you find yourself in right now are all part of a sometimes-messy graduation to something new. Keep in mind that whatever it is is just one small part of an ever-evolving process, and this too will pass. The sun in Leo is powerful in its home sign, shining sparkles of golden light that invite you to act from the heart. Ask yourself these questions, and answer them without taking time to deliberate:

What does my heart want?
What is right for me?
What makes me happy to be alive?
Where is the right place for me to be?
Which relationships in my life are right for me?

Once in a blue moon, you can make your dreams come true, so follow your heart to find them!

Mexicali News: The Mexicali TieDyeMobile is Ready to Rock the Roads of Maine!


Mexicali’s new TieDyeMobile makes sunshine daydreams come true!

Mexicali Blues has just unveiled a new delivery vehicle that matches the Mystery Machine in grooviness, and just might rival LL Bean’s Bootmobile in SPG (Smiles Per Gallon)! “Driving down the road making people smile embodies the Mexicali Experience!” says Co-Owner Kim Erskine. Mexicali’s new TieDyeMobile is a 2015 Mercedes Sprinter delivery van adorned all over with a vibrant rainbow burst of tie dye, thanks to an all-around awesome job by Adventure Advertising out of Rockport, ME! The choice of tie dye was an easy one, as expressed by Mexicali Owner & Founder, Pete Erskine: “Tie Dye is my favorite color!” This Sprinter was chosen for its fuel efficiency, reliability, and aesthetic appeal, all of which are highly complimented by the kaleidoscopic swirling colors of tie dye.”27 miles per gallon made the Sprinter the responsible choice; tie dye made it the right Mexicali choice” says Topher Mallory, CEO.


The awesome Adventure Advertising team all decked out in tie dye to match their amazing work!

In the coming months and years it will be beaming psychedelic rainbow awesomeness all over the state of Maine, from Pemaquid Lighthouse to Portland’s Maine State Pier, all the way to Bangor’s Waterfront Concert Pavilion, and at all of the college campuses in-between. You may even find the TieDyeMobile at the picturesque perch on top of beautiful Cadillac Mountain! If you find yourself wondering “Where is the TieDyeMobile?” you can follow its adventures on instagram @tiedyemobile, and keep your eyes peeled as it may be rolling through a town near you! Moreover, just as the Batmobile responds to the Bat Signal, the Tiedyemobile is more likely to appear if you are wearing a tie dye, so color up your closet, and unleash your tie dye vibes on the world!


The TieDyeMobile brightens up the Old Port in Portland, Maine!


Mexicali co-owners Pete and Kim Erskine beaming colorful tie dye vibes!


The TieDyeMobile lights up Freeport, Maine!

July 15th, 2015 Astrology & Energy: New Moon in Cancer


Happy New Moon in Cancer!  Get ready to be awash a sea of emotional intensity, as this watery moon urges us to feel and speak the truth of our deepest needs and desires.  Many will be feeling suddenly, surprisingly awakened from a sleep in which you didn’t even realize you were dreaming!   You may suddenly see the light, what to do, where to go, who should or shouldn’t be part of your journey, and that is a beautiful thing that will have been a long time coming! Trust your instincts and your feelings as you look for and discover new truths, paying attention to what they are telling you—while resisting the urge to judge them as good or bad. You may see the things you do to undermine yourself, you might feel fear or shame, but now is the time to embrace your dark side and accept that you are both shadow and light, yin and yang, and that without one the other could not exist.  Try to love all of you, and practice compassion for yourself.

This is also a time when you may feel the awesome power brewing in you to bust out of old patterns that have for far too long kept you rigid and small.  You have the opportunity now to overcome something that has been holding you down throughout your whole life!  Cancer—the crab in its shell—is a master of developing defenses to protect its emotional sensitivity, so be really aware of any defensiveness that arises in you today—this can show you where the block is that you can now work to release. New Moons are for beginning new endeavors, so know that just witnessing what you want to shift is more powerful than you think, and enough for today.

It is important to exercise emotional control today when it comes to perceived slights, as overreacting is likely (thanks, Mars!).  It is a good day for talking less and listening more, particularly to how you feel.  Try to dwell in a spirit of compassion and love. Stay focused on what your heart desires, and keep that positive vision in mind in the face of obstacles.  Who do you want to be?  What do you want to do?  The ocean undulates no matter what you do, so the time has come to own your true magic and ride the transcendent wave!