Hindu Deity History: Ganesh


Ganesh is the patron of arts and sciences, deity of wisdom, and is worshipped as the bringer of auspicious beginnings.

There are a number of legends that describe the birth of Ganesh. He is said to be the son of Lord Shiva, the god of death and destruction. One of the most popular stories of his birth is that he was magically created by Shiva’s wife, the goddess Pavarti. Needing someone to guard her door while Shiva was away in battle, she created her son Ganesh out of clay. Ganesh took his job seriously and he refused to allow anyone to enter his mother’s house. All was well until the Lord Shiva returned home from war unexpectedly. He was so angry at being stopped at his wife’s door by a stranger that he cut off Ganesh’s head. Pavarti was the only person in the world whom Shiva was afraid of, and she was outraged by what he had done to her son. The God of death and destruction become remorseful, and he promised to make amends. He decided to remove the head of the first animal he could find, and then used this to replace Ganesh’s amputated head. The first animal he came across was an elephant. Ganesh was thus restored to life and rewarded for his courage by being made lord of new beginnings and remover of obstacles.

When we wear or decorate our homes with images of Ganesh, his powerful energy attracts abundance and helps us to be wise and discerning in our decision-making.  He helps us to overcome obstacles through calm determination, and to think big while also recognizing the importance of tending to details.  Overall, he is an auspicious symbol and a powerfully positive deity, and it is no wonder he is one of the most revered in all of Hinduism!

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March 20th, 2015 Astrology & Energy: New Moon in Pisces


Buckle up, buttercup! Tonight brings some crazy cosmic energy our way as it’s the spring equinox AND a New SUPERMoon in Pisces AND a total solar eclipse. The length of day and night are nearly equal during the equinox, and it marks a turning of the seasons, a time of renewal and starting something new. The new moon in its own right offers us each a powerful push to start a new endeavor, so this is a particularly potent time to reset our intentions and begin moving toward something better. On top of all of that, this is all occurring in the 29th degree of Pisces, which is the very last degree of the zodiac wheel. We are now in the process of saying goodbye to something in order to embrace a new opportunity. What we’re letting go of could be a tangible thing (such as a toxic relationship or a stagnating place), an old story we’ve been telling ourselves for far too long, or habits that we know aren’t good for us but keep repeating anyway because they’re easy to fall into in the moment. So many astrological aspects and physical pieces of our universe are supporting us in making these changes, truly letting go, FINALLY.

We can choose to resist letting go, to try to cling to what was, but we can’t stop this shift or postpone our awakening. Whatever you’re experiencing right now, don’t look away. Whether the feelings you witness in your heartlife right now are joyful manifestations coming true or the mourning of opportunities that have been lost, recognize that—whatever brought you here—you have done the best that you could with what you knew and felt at the time. Look forward with hope, and let the past go, recognizing this moment as a truly magical time in which you can consciously choose what will guide your life from here—will you choose to be guided by love or fear? Shout your choice out to the universe tonight!

Energies are intense right now, and not everyone is handling it well. Remember that this is energetic and not personal. Try to walk away from fights or arguments; don’t buy into the power struggles of others. This might be challenging because you may find that your emotions are feeling particularly strong and deep. Let them wash over you, but try not to get swept away dwelling on any one feeling. Try to acknowledge and allow your emotions without embodying them; witness yourself feeling what you feel without judgement. Just see that they are. Remember that everything changes.

Examine where there is tension in your life, or where you have deep resistance to change. What fears are holding you back that you would love to get over for good? What could you achieve if you let those fears go? Look at the stars tonight and dream big, bold, and bright of what you want to do, be, and see in the world. Set your intention and release it into the world with some kind of ritual: write it down, draw a picture, chant, burn sage, ring bells, dance your feelings. Whatever you do, put your heart into it and believe in your power to manifest awesomeness. This is the beginning of something beautiful!

Owl Symbolism: Meaning of the Owl as an Animal Totem


Owls are known in Native American lore as the keepers of sacred knowledge.  Other ancient cultures believed that owls were actually priestesses and wizards in disguise, and to this day they are still considered to be messengers and companions to these magical folk. Sacred to Athena–the Grecian goddess of wisdom and war–owls are often considered a symbol of intelligence, status, and protection.  Ancient armies believed that an owl flying over the battlefield portended their certain victory.  Many representations of Athena show an owl perched on her shoulder, whispering words of wisdom and giving the goddess the power of seeing the whole truth of things (while the rest of us see half).  The ancient Egyptians, Celts, and Hindus considered owls to be guardians of the underworld and protectors of the dead.

Owls see clearly in the dark, and this strength makes them a powerful guide totem for journeys into shadow work.  With their gift of heightened senses, owls see through illusion and deceptive external appearances to find hidden truths.   Call upon owl in confusing times, when you need to make a discerning decision that rests on a solid foundation.  Her clear vision and innate mystical knowledge can help you to find a clearer path, even when the situation seems too dim to ascertain on your own.

If an owl has swooped into your life, listen and look for subtle signs and synchronicities around you.  Try to be consciously attentive to things you usually pass by or take for granted, as there may be important lessons there.  Owl may also be guiding you to uncover hidden potential and abilities.  Again, pay attention to the signs around you, particularly at night!

March 5th, 2015 Astrology & Energy: Full Moon in Virgo

"Virgo" by Carolyn Quan

                                   “Virgo” by Carolyn Quan

Happy full moon in Virgo!  A powerful time of upheaval, challenge, and change, this moon can feel emotionally draining.  We may be tempted to see things clearly defined as black or white, good or bad.  Be mindful and dedicate serious consideration to any situation that pops up where you feel that you are absolutely right and the other party is absolutely wrong (the same goes for the other way around). Virgo’s organizational tendencies make us want to categorize in order to make sense of our experiences, but a quincunx (awkward aspect) between the Moon, Uranus, and Venus can make everything feel a little muddled and confusing right now.  One moment, you’re inspired!  The next, you’re annoyed!  Be flexible, look for synchronicities, and don’t get too locked into any one way of thinking or being.

Breakdowns may be leading to breakthroughs at this time, endings preceding beginnings; take note of what you learn and experience, and remember no state of being or feeling lasts forever.  Whatever is happening now will change, so ride the wave and gather what insight you can from the experience. All you witness as light or shadow has an opposite of equal power, and now is a wonderfully potent time to pay special attention to the side of that coin that is not right in your face.  This may be your own mind or habits, those of someone close to you, or an experience that affects you emotionally on some level. That emotional component will make it particularly challenging to see the opposing forces at work.  Stepping away from the action, creating a special sacred moment and space (using music, incense, sage, crystals, whatever works for you), and writing a stream-of-consciousness list of “light” and “dark” can be particularly helpful. It seems rudimentary, but you can get a lot of insight and healing from this exercise, giving you a clearer view of the wholeness and interconnectedness of seemingly disparate things.  If you’re a visual thinker, it’s a great time to contemplate the symbol of the yin-yang, which balances dark and light with a little piece of the other within each half.

The full moon is always a wonderful time to release, so think about letting go of habits, thoughts, people, situations, beliefs, or realities that don’t serve your highest good anymore.  Clearing the way will allow something new and better to grow in that space. This is a time of transition and transformation in some form for every being on the planet; keep compassion in mind as you remember that we’re all in this together!

Buddhist Deities Explained: Tara


Tara is the goddess of peace and protection.  She is also known as the “Great Compassionate Mother” and the Buddha of enlightened activity.

According to legend, Tara was a spiritual and compassionate princess who would frequently bring offerings and prayers to the nuns and monks in her village.  Impressed by her kindness, the monks told her that they would pray that she would return in the next life as a man, so she could spread the Buddhist teachings.  She responded that attributing separate abilities to man and woman is a construct created by the weak-minded and that gender is no barrier to attaining enlightenment.  Recognizing that there were too few bodhisattvas who were women, Tara vowed in all of her subsequent lifetimes to be born a woman and to pursue the path of enlightenment, until samsara (the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth) is no more.

Another legend says that Tara was born from a lotus blossom in a lake that had formed from Avalokitesvara’s tears of compassion, which fell when he first beheld the scope of suffering in the world. In this story too, because of her essential goodness, she was granted the right to assume human form as a man, but elected instead to remain in her womanly form. In each tale, Tara insists that women are equally as valuable and powerful as men, and we might then consider her one of the world’s earliest feminists!

Tara appears in a myriad of colors–all representing different qualities–but, each version of her represents some aspect of the divine feminine who engenders and fuels all life.  The two most commonly revered versions of Tara are the white Tara, the goddess-mother creatrix of all humanity, and green Tara, the playful and action-oriented protectress.

White Tara represents the motherly aspect of compassion, offering nourishment, warmth, support, and caring to all beings, looking upon them lovingly as a mother would look upon her children.  In this maternal compassion, she offers respite and healing to those who have been wounded in any way.  She brings health, long life, and peace to all who seek her comfort.

Green Tara is the buddha-goddess of enlightened action, offering protection from fears and dangers by actively facing them.  She is playful and sometimes mischievous, encouraging those who seek enlightenment to not take themselves or their spiritual path too seriously.  She demonstrates the ability to survive stressful times, and encourages deliberate and mindful action.  She can sometimes be fierce in her determination to overcome obstacles and protect her charges, but every move she makes is conscious and with the journey towards greater compassion and enlightenment in mind. She delights in hearts and minds that are open and receptive, and encourages those qualities in those who desire her assistance.

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February 18th, 2015 Astrology & Energy: New Moon in Aquarius


Happy New moon in Aquarius! There are actually two Aquarius New Moons this year (the first occurred on January 20), which gives us double the energy towards realizing a certain truth or goal–in this case, a big piece of that for many has been recognizing our place in the world as global citizens, completely individual yet related to the whole, a single drop in the vast ocean of humanity.  Think back to patterns you have discovered in the past few weeks, connections you have realized, and ways in which you have witnessed interconnectedness OR resistance to it.  Consider what you may want to now put in motion because of this new awareness, what new beginnings you might create.

You may find yourself feeling more attracted to ideas than feelings at this time, and you should embrace the impulse to learn and explore new things–particularly in a community setting where you can gather, debate, and share with others. Aquarius encourages us to explore new ideas and avenues of thought without judgement, treading even where we have dared not go before, just to check it out and get a new perspective. Recognize that learning and discovering does not mean it is necessary for you to commit to anything; work on taking it in, without worrying on what it could mean in the future.

Ever the brilliant oddball, Aquarius pushes us to wave our freak flags high and embrace the things which make us each unique. From quirks to foibles, everything you bring to the table comes together to make you a beautiful and inimitable individual, with a lot to offer the world! Even your wounds and shadows serve to make you a more compassionate and wise person, and you can use those things to help others, if you choose. It is important to first embrace your own weirdness before you can truly share it, so spend some time today doing something that is just for you, and consider making a double-sided list of things that you like and believe to be true vs. things you know you don’t like. Try to do it without judgement of yourself; try to list things you genuinely feel and not those that you think you “should” feel.

A new moon is an excellent time to start a new endeavor, as well as let something old go. This Aquarian moon offers a particularly magical time to be inventive and experimental with your dreams and methods in order to connect with your truest self. Get clear on your personal values and then get psyched and ready to add them to the cosmic revolution!

Gemstone Meaning & Magic: Druzy


Druzy crystals take hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of years to form.  As molten rock cools, gas trapped inside causes gaps in the rock.  As ground water flows through these gaps year after year, the minerals crystalize into beautiful sparkling blankets of crystals!

Druzy attracts light and joy to a space.  When worn, it increases energy, strength, mental clarity, and is used for balancing all of the chakras.  If used in meditation, it stimulates the movement of the Kundalini all the way through the body and up into the crown chakra. Druzy amplifies positive energies and is said to stabilize the aura.  It creates auric balance by drawing out negative energies, and pulling in positivity and feelings of harmony in its place.  This gemstone is particularly helpful for spiritual practices and lightwork, and can empower the energy of other crystals as well. Placing or wearing another stone with your druzy for a day or longer enhances both of their energies.  Check out our druzy jewelry in all Mexicali Blues stores and right here: http://ow.ly/ICXBD