January 20th, 2015 Astrology & Energy: New Moon in Aquarius


Happy New Moon in Aquarius!  A new moon is the time for new beginnings–good news if you have not really set any intentions yet for the coming year, or perhaps faltered on your resolutions.  Aquarius is the sign that governs future plans, making this new moon particularly potent for plotting out what you want to create in your life throughout 2015.  Now is also a good time to think about and work on culling the things you don’t want to keep.  What is no longer serving you?

Use the energy of this new moon to come up with (perhaps unconventional) ideas which might offer innovative solutions to old problems. Be open to flashes of insight and surprising signs that point the way. Even if you can’t seem to think your way out of a particular situation, set your clear request and send it out to the universe.  Most of us don’t take the time to clarify what we want, or even what we want help with, but it can be really powerful to do so–some say we energetically attract what we put out, and (even if you don’t believe that) at the very least, it’s good to know what we want!
Here are some questions to ask yourself to help you figure out what you want to keep and what you want to leave behind:

What beliefs give me structure?
Where do I need more freedom?
What is my role in society?
Who am I as a friend?
What is unique about me?
What crazy idea would I do tomorrow if I could?

Aquarius is the water-bearer, which symbolizes one whose mind is unfettered enough to receive a fresh outlook, so try not to grieve too much for the shedding of anything it’s time to release.  When what was holding you back is gone, you will be ready to receive so much more!

January 4th, 2015 Astrology & Energy: Full Moon in Cancer

Happy full moon in Cancer! If you’re looking to set your resolutions in motion, the energy of the planets is on your side. Transformational Pluto promises profound change, especially if you’re prepared to detox the past or face an old fear.

It’s possible that you’ve been feeling some tension in your life lately between what you are aiming to achieve (that’s ambitious Capricorn’s influence) and demands and devotions of your loved ones (which Cancer might be highlighting). As the full moon shines across the sky (or in the days immediately before or after), this push-and-pull might bring you to a breaking point, motivating you to finally put your foot down and take a stand for what *you* really want. Though at first this may make some waves, ultimately this will bring you closer to balance. Consider what brings you joy and what the goals of your deepest soul-self are, and allow yourself to feel empowered as you pursue them.

It’s also important right now to look back at the year that has passed, and consider all of the positive things you have accomplished. The shadow side of Capricorn might make you a bit more likely than usual to begin that list and then have it subtly change to remembering all of the things you wanted to accomplish, but didn’t. Remain steadfast in your intention to recognize and honor the good instead. Full moons allow us to see what is hidden, so if you keep that intention in the forefront of your heart and mind, you may surprise yourself with all the good you’ve done and not given yourself credit for!

This new year offers a beautiful new beginning and, even if you’re not completely feeling raring-to-go at this moment, the planets are all aligned to give you a boost forward and upward to new heights of awesome! So just relax, focus on your intentions of what you would like to create this year, and give yourself some credit for the goodness and light you have contributed to the world so far. There’s so much more where that came from, and it’s going to be shining even more brightly SOON!

December 21st, 2014 Astrology & Energy: New Moon in Capricorn


Lady of the Night Illustration by Don Blanding, c. 1935


The darkest day of the year goes even deeper into shadow than usual this year–tonight is a New Moon in Capricorn AND the Winter Solstice!  As the wheel of the year turns toward the growing light, we are each now given an opportunity for a new beginning in some part of life. As Capricorn the goat is usually climbing his way up the mountain, we are now to think about ascending to something bigger and better than where we presently are–where is it that you want to go?  What do you want to create in the New Year?  As Mary Oliver queried, “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

We are called to step into our personal power and authority, as the creators of our own lives.  We now move forward unafraid of the shadows–the collective ones and the ones we harbor personally–into owning and allowing them, no matter what they look like.  No matter how painful, how ugly, how shameful, we just need to acknowledge these things and accept them as part of what makes us human. Scorpio has been helping us dive into those waters, and it’s time to take what we’ve learned with us as we act.  Paradoxically, accepting and embracing our shadows will empower us and allow our inner lights to bloom and shine brighter out into the world!  

The new moon is supporting us in taking charge of our lives–warts and all–to be bold and courageous in taking action and no longer allowing ourselves to remain stuck in daydreaming or planning.  The time to move, to act, has come!  As with any big action, this may not look to an observer like a big move, but we just need to take that first little bitty baby step.  We are each setting a new foundation for the next twelve months, so imagine and create what you would like that new cosmic story to be!
Be sure to ground yourself through mindful breathing and awareness as you take whatever your action is.  The energy of this movement is intense and exciting and can throw you off kilter if you don’t pay attention.  Particularly when things get emotional, take a moment, step back, and breathe deeply.  Remember that all things must pass, and connect again with the earth and the thought of where it is you want to go and who you want to be.  Can you act with love and integrity in this moment, releasing your grip on expectation? This question applies to your expectations of others, and also of yourself.  Even when things seem to be going wonderfully, do be mindful not to lose track of your feet.   Don’t be afraid to move slowly, as long as you are moving.


December 6th, 2014 Astrology & Energy: Full Moon in Gemini


It’s a full moon in Gemini tonight!  Enjoy this short break from the intense growth and work you’ve been doing, and make mindful time to be grateful for what you have. Celebrate what you have achieved (no matter how small) and focus on what is working in your life.  This full moon will show you a broader view of where you are now, and will light up the door to a truly magical new way of being.  Of course, to move forward and embody that awesomeness, you are going to have to let something go.  You may not want to, but holding on tightly will not necessarily do what you intend.  The only constant in life is change, ebb and flow, and we need to embrace this now.

This lunar month is about to bring you on a wild roller coaster of energy, pushing you towards change and evolution.  It may be painful, and it will definitely be challenging at times.  Surprises could shock you, old wounds might surface, relationships could shift in difficult ways. This all sounds scary, BUT it is all happening as part of a process which can lead you to HUGE growth and transformation!  How are you responding to what is happening to you?  The world will throw at you what it will throw at you, but the only thing you can control is YOU, and this lunar energy is calling you to recognize this.  Control is an illusion. What you resist persists.  Let go, and do the best that you can with honesty and compassion.  The full moon tonight may be a good time to write down what you see as your core values or your truth, because you are going to want to keep those ideals in mind as you decide how to respond to curveballs thrown your way.
Practice gratitude for what you have, be true to who you are, deal with adversity as gracefully as you can and treat yourself lovingly if you misstep.  The intention and the action of trying is the most important thing; this will help you grow into something more amazing than you ever thought possible.  Something beautiful is just around the corner!

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November 22nd, 2014 Astrology & Energy: New Moon in Sagittarius


Diana the Huntress by Guillaume Seignac

It’s a New Moon in Sagittarius tonight!  Coming out of the deep darkened waters of Scorpio, we now turn our faces to the warmth and positivity of the archer’s fiery energy.  We are called now to reflect on and honor the struggles we have fought, and then LET THEM GO! New moons offer new beginnings, and this moon is offering all of us a fresh start in one way or another, as Sagittarius is focused on the future as the visionary part of your consciousness. Something is shifting–maybe you’re seeing a *spark* of the future that you want?–and what you must do is try to accept and internalize the feeling that you are NOT limited or held back by what is happening in your life today.   Ask yourself:  What would I do if I were fearless?  You can create your future from the power of your vision, so be strong and clear in your intention!

While this is a time ripe for expansion and optimism (and you really DO want to embrace those feelings, as they will motivate and carry you forward), do be aware of tendencies towards impulsivity, aggression, restlessness, and over-confidence.  This energy is encouraging and inspiring for sure, but watch out for overcommitting or making declarations you may not be able to deliver on.  Don’t make big plans or promises to others at this time.  The energy of this lunation is on such a go-go-GO-ZOOOM! trajectory that miscommunications are likely to happen if you aren’t mindful.  Make sure that you are clear with others in what you convey, and judge others by their actions and NOT their words.
There are deep changes occurring at this time, and something new and powerful is growing within each of us to really move us forward in a life-changing way.  Sagittarius gifts us with the freedom to see and be who we really are, so listen to the whispered songs of your heart.  Follow the playful path of your inner child, and do so with the intention to–in each moment–act with loving kindness, as the person you *wish* to be.  Guess what?  You already ARE that person!  And each time you make the decision to act with the integrity, openness, and compassion of your very highest self, you are actively peeling back layers upon layers of emotion, history, and pain–to reveal, bit by bit, the beautiful brightness of divine light that is uniquely, magically, perfectly YOU.