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November 22nd, 2014 Astrology & Energy: New Moon in Sagittarius


Diana the Huntress by Guillaume Seignac

It’s a New Moon in Sagittarius tonight!  Coming out of the deep darkened waters of Scorpio, we now turn our faces to the warmth and positivity of the archer’s fiery energy.  We are called now to reflect on and honor the struggles we have fought, and then LET THEM GO! New moons offer new beginnings, and this moon is offering all of us a fresh start in one way or another, as Sagittarius is focused on the future as the visionary part of your consciousness. Something is shifting–maybe you’re seeing a *spark* of the future that you want?–and what you must do is try to accept and internalize the feeling that you are NOT limited or held back by what is happening in your life today.   Ask yourself:  What would I do if I were fearless?  You can create your future from the power of your vision, so be strong and clear in your intention!

While this is a time ripe for expansion and optimism (and you really DO want to embrace those feelings, as they will motivate and carry you forward), do be aware of tendencies towards impulsivity, aggression, restlessness, and over-confidence.  This energy is encouraging and inspiring for sure, but watch out for overcommitting or making declarations you may not be able to deliver on.  Don’t make big plans or promises to others at this time.  The energy of this lunation is on such a go-go-GO-ZOOOM! trajectory that miscommunications are likely to happen if you aren’t mindful.  Make sure that you are clear with others in what you convey, and judge others by their actions and NOT their words.
There are deep changes occurring at this time, and something new and powerful is growing within each of us to really move us forward in a life-changing way.  Sagittarius gifts us with the freedom to see and be who we really are, so listen to the whispered songs of your heart.  Follow the playful path of your inner child, and do so with the intention to–in each moment–act with loving kindness, as the person you *wish* to be.  Guess what?  You already ARE that person!  And each time you make the decision to act with the integrity, openness, and compassion of your very highest self, you are actively peeling back layers upon layers of emotion, history, and pain–to reveal, bit by bit, the beautiful brightness of divine light that is uniquely, magically, perfectly YOU.

November 6th, 2014 Astrology & Energy: Full Moon in Taurus


Happy Full Moon in Taurus!  It’s time to connect with the nurturing energy of Mother Earth and to remember the peace of being completely in the moment.  As often as possible: remember to breathe, slowly and deeply, and take a moment to focus your awareness on the perceptions of all of your senses—What parts of your body are touching the floor or chair, and how does that sensation differ from the those which are not pressed against something?  How does the air temperature differ between your inhalation and exhalation?  What do you smell?  What do you hear?

What you do on this full moon day will carry you forward, so take advantage of this energy to set new patterns in motion in any way you can.  Do a spiritual housecleaning of anything that feels old and fearful.  You can do this by smudging, chanting, ringing bells, or (one of our favorites) writing down what you want to let go of on small strips of paper, and then burning them in a fireproof bowl or container.  Imagine the words and the feelings that accompany them drifting up and away with the smoke; release them with gratitude for what they have taught you.  Even if you don’t see yet how this old baggage has served you, saying, “Thank you” to it and the universe is a symbolic gesture which will help you to truly leave it behind.  Because Taurus is an Earth sign, you may want to bury the ashes of these thoughts in the dirt outside.  Be sure to send your love and thanks to Mother Earth when you do this; she will support you in making the changes you seek.

Do watch out for your shadow side today, which for many might come up and threaten feelings of positivity.  Taurus is focused on security, what we value, our resources, possessions, senses, and how we experience our power, self-worth, and safety in the world.  Emotions of doubt and insecurity are common now, but they are just your fears and old wounds showing themselves to you. Do what you can to embrace them with good humor, accept that you have these feelings, and keep the vision of your goals and dreams lit brightly in your heart (even if at this moment getting there feels impossible).  Be with friends on this day if you can; your community will be of great support to you as you acknowledge and allow this darkness.

Any negative feelings you have now can tell you a lot about where your next steps for growth are needed, so be sure to pay attention to them!  The full moon’s relation to Saturn at this time highlights what you may feel is missing in your life.  Instead of giving in to this energy, use the strength of Taurus’ practicality in obtaining resources to get creative about how you can attract more of what you want.  What small actions can you take that would move you closer to how you want to live, who you want to be?  Take some time to be in gratitude for the resources you presently have, and be open to unknown ones that might be just around the corner waiting for you to allow them to manifest.

Remember that every life experience—especially struggles and strife—has something to teach you.  Breathe.  Keep moving forward with love.

October 23, 2014 Astrology & Energy: New Moon in Scorpio


Amazing eclipse photo by nethskie. Click on the image for more awesome art.

Holy astral energies, Batman!  It’s a new moon in Scorpio and a solar eclipse tonight!  This is the second eclipse in a month, bookending a fast-paced and eccentric time and energy that has been magnified by Mercury in retrograde (which will stay that way until Saturday the 25th).  The sun will be eclipsed right as the sun moves from light and lovely Libra into the mysterious ocean of dark feminine water sign Scorpio.  We are encouraged now to dive deep into those waters, examining what we’ve been keeping in shadow–all that has been pent up, walled off, or unconscious–with the intention of using what we learn there to move boldly forward into our own personal power and Truth.  The things we find there may spark our biggest fears, but if we embrace them, their hold on us will diminish.  This powerful astral alignment pushes us to look at the ways we unconsciously behave as victim or tyrant because of unhealed wounds from childhood, and also to ask ourselves, “What is my personal truth?  What do I believe or believe in without a doubt? What feelings do I most desire to experience in my life? What makes me feel those feelings, and how can I cultivate more?”.  Asking these questions in this context may help us to recognize how our wounds and our dreams are connected, how playing the familiar stories and patterns out over and over in relationships prevents us from acting in alignment with our higher truth and values.

The conclusions that you come to may prompt you towards making a radical change, with enormous potential for a breakthrough to a new realm of positivity and possibility.  Resist the urge to cling to fear and the familiar!  We are entering a period where extraordinary transition is possible; while we may encounter things that make us quake, the best thing to do right now is to move consciously forward with a curious mind and an open heart.   Think now on where it is that you want to go, who you want to be.  It is just about time to really step up and be seen, share your wisdom, speak your truth, and take the helm as the master of your life. It is time to SHINE, and, even if you don’t totally feel it yet, YOU–beautiful, completely unique soul that you are–ARE READY.  This eclipse could expand your creativity, offering new solutions to old problems, and will heighten the powers of your intuition.  Try to listen to your gut and not your head.  Look for unexpected truths to reveal themselves, crazy coincidences, and messages in your dreams.  Count your ducks, gather your resources (lists, tools, plans), and get ready to leap when Mercury goes direct and we get the added support of action-oriented Mars after Saturday!

Bohemian Style on a Budget: Mexicali Storewide Sale Rocks Throughout 2014 Columbus Day Weekend!


Enjoy a long weekend of savings with our biggest autumn sale! Save 25% – 50% off EVERYTHING in stores and online at 10/10 – 10/13! We are stylishly stocked with a bounty of new awesomeness from our travels–from exotic jewelry to funky decor and fabulous clothing, you’re sure to find new things to love that capture the spirit of global adventure and express your unique style! What have you been eyeing that you’re just dying to get (or to have gifted to you) now that it’s on SUPERSALE?

Global Goodness, Thailand Edition: Friends of Thai Daughters

1512769_609973432384736_467468646_nWhile the choices we make in our Mexicali travels are always with integrity and compassion in mind, we know the impact we make as a small business is often not as far-reaching as we would like.  Many countries in the world, amidst their beauty, culture, and amazing communities, sadly still have sweatshops and human trafficking. In an effort to spread positivity and do what we can to help, we regularly donate to several organizations in far-flung countries, dedicated to helping and empowering children and adults who have been affected by these unfair and unkind practices.

One of these amazing organizations is Friends of Thai Daughters, which is dedicated to protecting girls who were being trafficked, and offering them a safe living environment and education.  Friends of Thai Daughters focuses its efforts on girls who are the most vulnerable due to their low economic and social status and family hardship. FTD Daughters come from the hill tribes of Northern Thailand and are typically without documentation or citizenship, orphaned, and/or victims of abuse.

The organization is currently helping 17 young girls aged 8 to 23. These girls now live happily and healthily in a cheerfully appointed safe house called “The Sunflower House”, staffed by volunteers including our very own Carly Erskine, daughter of Mexicali owners Pete and Kim.  After spending the past semester studying at Chiang Mai University, Carly knew she wanted to go to the Sunflower House to share her loving support and limitless enthusiasm with the girls, and she has become a valued friend and mentor to them all.  We can’t wait to hear about her and the girls’ adventures when she returns to the States!

Kim is also presently visiting the Friends of Thai Daughters house, and–wanting to become more instrumentally involved in this awesome cooperative–has just joined their board!  Says Kim: “It is a wonderful feeling to live in South Bristol, Maine, and effect change in one of my favorite countries to travel and work in. FTD has made such a difference in young women’s lives, I feel lucky to be a part of such an amazing organization.”


Carly & Kim sharing love & laughter in Chiang Mai

To learn more about this awesome initiaive and what you can do to help, check out Friends of Thai Daughters or the Friends of Thai Daughters Facebook page.


September 24, 2014 Astrology & Energy: New Moon in Libra

Artist unknown. If you know where this cool art is from, please tell us!

Happy new moon in Libra! As we transition to the next season with the recent equinox, now is an excellent time to reflect on the past part of the year (and potentially before that) and consciously release the energy that we’ve tied ourselves to it with. It is time to step into the future! Libra is the sign of beauty, so definitely spend at least a moment today appreciating the loveliness of something that you usually pass right by. It is important to remember what we find beautiful and positive right now, so we are able to create solid intentions of what we want more of in our lives. Until now, the sun was in Virgo, which energized us to take stock of who we are and where are talents lie, and moving into Libra opens the door to bring that inner self out into the world. If you still aren’t sure of these things, today is a perfect day to devote some deep thought to it and set intentions for the future. The combination of the Equinox at 0 degrees in Libra and the New Moon at 1 degree in Libra creates a powerful opportunity to empower our goals, dreams, and projects, so it is important to get clear on what they are. Honor your highest self during this Equinox/New Moon energy with some kind of ceremony if you can, or at least a private review of where you have been and where you want to go. Present your open heart and intentions to the world to the starry sky tonight, and you may be very pleasantly surprised at how powerfully these things manifest!

A New Moon Intention ritual idea for tonight:

Clear your meditation/ritual space with smoke. Use a sage smudge stick if you have it, but if not, incense works also. Wave the smudging stick of your choice around you in swirls, waves, or any form that occurs to your intuition, with the intention of clearing old energy out and welcoming something new. Get a notebook or piece of paper and a pen to keep near you when you meditate; you can smudge that too if you like, but do be careful to not get too close with the ember!

Once you are done with that, sit down to meditate, focusing on your breath. Imagine deeply colored light energy coming up to you from the earth as you breathe inward (whatever color feels right to you) filling your whole body, and as you breathe out visualize white light pouring down into the crown of your head from the sky. Sit for a while like this, breathing slowly and imagining this energy flow that moves with your breath. Some people like to imagine the energy light moving through their bodies like a vertical figure-eight or infinity sign, while others don’t picture it having any specific form. Do what feels right to you; there is no way to do it wrong!

After you have done this for the amount of time you feel is right, open your eyes and free-write everything you want in your life in the future, the way you would like your life to look, what future-you does with your days, how you want to feel, anything! Write it as if you know it will happen, not “I want” but “I will”. After that, go through and re-read it, circling the words or parts that are most important to you. Spend some time considering these circled bits, and imagine how it might feel to really have them in your life.

Leave this piece of writing by a window under your favorite crystal overnight, or sleep with it under your pillow. Pay attention to your dreams!