A Final Fare Thee Well: Celebrate 50 Years of Grateful Dead with Mexicali Blues in Maine!


Come celebrate 50 years of the Grateful Dead at the historic Lincoln Theater! We will be live-streaming the final show of the Fare Thee Well concert run featuring the “Core Four” members of the Grateful Dead: Phil Lesh, Bob Weir, Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzmann, and influential friends such as Trey Anastasio of Phish for a night full of face-melting jams, collaboration, Deadication, and last but not least… dancing with friends and family!

Tickets are $10 at the door, first come first serve. Doors open at 7pm and the stream starts at 8pm. Mexicali Blues will be selling Grateful Dead merchandise, including exclusive branded Fare Thee Well t-shirts, as well as giving away some goodies to Grateful Deadheads!

King Eider’s Pub will be providing refreshments and libations throughout the night, and will be serving the notoriously groovy “Grateful Dead” drink that you’ll have to try for yourself (if you are 21+)!

“Fare you well, fare you well
I love you more than words can tell
Listen to the river sing sweet songs
to rock my soul…”

This will surely be a night to remember, so mark your calendars and spread the word! More details can be found right here: http://ow.ly/P5Uq1

“Fare you well, fare you well
I love you more than words can tell
Listen to the river sing sweet songs
to rock my soul…”

This will surely be a night to remember, so mark your calendars and spread the word!

June 16th, 2015 Astrology & Energy: New Moon in Gemini


Happy New Moon in Gemini! Now is a time when we feel naturally focused on communication, ideas, thinking, connection, and movement.  You might be experiencing some really action-oriented energy, wanting to go-go-go on a plan or idea!  It’s a great time to get moving, but be mindful to remain grounded in the heart of your intention and be on the lookout for irritation, indecision, and getting distracted by expectations.

With the dark moon glowing on Mercury-ruled Gemini (and both Saturn and Chiron poised to aid us in releasing old patterns) we are invited to consider the power of our words—both those spoken aloud and internally.  How are you communicating with those around you?  How is that similar or different from the way you talk to yourself? We are each creating our world with the thoughts and words that guide us through the day; it’s time to pay attention to which ones we are choosing.  When our lives are busy, our thoughts and language seem to easily follow the same roads. Like small streams of water dripping steadily down a rock face, grooves begin to form and deepen the more they are followed.  We’re consciously thinking of a million other things, so we often don’t even notice this happening until these tiny trickling flow paths evolve and erode into rivers!  Look for words that you keep using, and if they are not in the service of your highest good, come up with positive replacements that make you feel encouraged and inspired.  As you mindfully observe your language (which stems from your thoughts) and consciously stop yourself and make a switch, you can change the trajectory of these seemingly embedded pathways.

Work to find awareness of what you are putting out there; your energy and intention incite your words, which expand your energetic vibration into the world.  Are you still imagining that your thoughts and words don’t affect your reality? Can you use the power of this lunation to take ownership of what you are emanating? We can’t control what happens to us, but we can take responsibility and affect change on the way we work with what we are dealt.  This new moon is offering us her energetic assistance in planting these new seeds of awareness and behavior, encouraging small actions and intentions that will flourish and bloom into beauty beyond our wildest dreams!  If you are working now to release old wounds and shift broken patterns, know that you are supported in this quest by a net of perfectly aligned planets and stars. All it takes to get started on a new and better journey is one small step!

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June 2nd, 2015 Astrology & Energy: Full Moon in Sagittarius

The Trickster: Coyote Paints The Night Sky by Phoenix Custom Primitives, 1999

The Trickster: Coyote Paints The Night Sky by Phoenix Custom Primitives, 1999

Happy full moon in Sagittarius! Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of aspirations, visions, and dreaming BIG dreams! This moon is energized to inspire, and supports action and breakthroughs in both body and mind. Embrace the inspiration, but be aware of impatience creeping in—you may want to do everything at once, but feel frustrated that you can’t. Sometimes that desire to do ALL THE THINGS mixed with the impossibility of actually achieving everything at once kicks us off the path of motion, and we find ourselves stuck back in the muck of stagnancy once again. Be mindful to recognize that tumble if it comes, and remember that you have the awesome power to get back up!

The energy is building to change things up and take on something new, filling us with enthusiasm to go forth on an inspired venture. Mercury is still retrograde, but that should actually help us as a stabilizing influence to get solid in and reflect on our plans before we zoom forward. This full moon asks us in this reflective moment to look at the way our habits of thought and speech are supporting or limiting us. The challenge here is that what it is most helpful to take note of right now are the things that don’t even register as they occur—the automatic patterns, reactions, assumptions, and stories we tell ourselves and accept without question.

If you have trouble seeing these things, one place to start is by breaking it all the way down to language and listing words you’ve been saying a lot lately. What do you say to yourself when you forgot something in your house, have just gotten in the car, and have to go back for it? What do you say when the one thing you went to the grocery store for is out-of-stock? What do you say to your reflection in the morning? What do you say to your loved ones in the morning? Can you discern a pattern that starts you on a road of discovery?

Once you recognize these things, set your intention to keep the best and cull the rest! It is time to focus on starting a new adventure without allowing fear and doubt to hold you back. This whole month of June is all about self-exploration, expansion, and creativity—and with Mercury turning direct again on June 11th (hooray!), the time is coming to take the steps and move forward to your goals!

May 17th, 2015 Astrology & Energy: New Moon in Taurus


Happy New Moon in Taurus! This lunation is the perfect time to look at where we are, where we want to go, and what we need to learn or work on in order to get there. Use the dark of this moon to shed what no longer serves you, allowing the death of what was to open the door to what could be. Mercury retrograde begins tomorrow, which is all about re-visiting, re-vising, and re-fining what has come before, so make sure what you are keeping with you is mindfully chosen and worth your while!

Like all new moons, now is an excellent time to plant the seeds for new endeavors and manifestations, and this earthy Taurus moon makes the planting metaphor even more apt. What seeds will you sow? What things will you grow? Now is the time to get really intentional about cultivating strong roots, which can flourish and flower beautifully with time. Set your mindful intentions today!

March 20th, 2015 Astrology & Energy: New Moon in Pisces


Buckle up, buttercup! Tonight brings some crazy cosmic energy our way as it’s the spring equinox AND a New SUPERMoon in Pisces AND a total solar eclipse. The length of day and night are nearly equal during the equinox, and it marks a turning of the seasons, a time of renewal and starting something new. The new moon in its own right offers us each a powerful push to start a new endeavor, so this is a particularly potent time to reset our intentions and begin moving toward something better. On top of all of that, this is all occurring in the 29th degree of Pisces, which is the very last degree of the zodiac wheel. We are now in the process of saying goodbye to something in order to embrace a new opportunity. What we’re letting go of could be a tangible thing (such as a toxic relationship or a stagnating place), an old story we’ve been telling ourselves for far too long, or habits that we know aren’t good for us but keep repeating anyway because they’re easy to fall into in the moment. So many astrological aspects and physical pieces of our universe are supporting us in making these changes, truly letting go, FINALLY.

We can choose to resist letting go, to try to cling to what was, but we can’t stop this shift or postpone our awakening. Whatever you’re experiencing right now, don’t look away. Whether the feelings you witness in your heartlife right now are joyful manifestations coming true or the mourning of opportunities that have been lost, recognize that—whatever brought you here—you have done the best that you could with what you knew and felt at the time. Look forward with hope, and let the past go, recognizing this moment as a truly magical time in which you can consciously choose what will guide your life from here—will you choose to be guided by love or fear? Shout your choice out to the universe tonight!

Energies are intense right now, and not everyone is handling it well. Remember that this is energetic and not personal. Try to walk away from fights or arguments; don’t buy into the power struggles of others. This might be challenging because you may find that your emotions are feeling particularly strong and deep. Let them wash over you, but try not to get swept away dwelling on any one feeling. Try to acknowledge and allow your emotions without embodying them; witness yourself feeling what you feel without judgement. Just see that they are. Remember that everything changes.

Examine where there is tension in your life, or where you have deep resistance to change. What fears are holding you back that you would love to get over for good? What could you achieve if you let those fears go? Look at the stars tonight and dream big, bold, and bright of what you want to do, be, and see in the world. Set your intention and release it into the world with some kind of ritual: write it down, draw a picture, chant, burn sage, ring bells, dance your feelings. Whatever you do, put your heart into it and believe in your power to manifest awesomeness. This is the beginning of something beautiful!

Owl Symbolism: Meaning of the Owl as an Animal Totem


Owls are known in Native American lore as the keepers of sacred knowledge.  Other ancient cultures believed that owls were actually priestesses and wizards in disguise, and to this day they are still considered to be messengers and companions to these magical folk. Sacred to Athena–the Grecian goddess of wisdom and war–owls are often considered a symbol of intelligence, status, and protection.  Ancient armies believed that an owl flying over the battlefield portended their certain victory.  Many representations of Athena show an owl perched on her shoulder, whispering words of wisdom and giving the goddess the power of seeing the whole truth of things (while the rest of us see half).  The ancient Egyptians, Celts, and Hindus considered owls to be guardians of the underworld and protectors of the dead.

Owls see clearly in the dark, and this strength makes them a powerful guide totem for journeys into shadow work.  With their gift of heightened senses, owls see through illusion and deceptive external appearances to find hidden truths.   Call upon owl in confusing times, when you need to make a discerning decision that rests on a solid foundation.  Her clear vision and innate mystical knowledge can help you to find a clearer path, even when the situation seems too dim to ascertain on your own.

If an owl has swooped into your life, listen and look for subtle signs and synchronicities around you.  Try to be consciously attentive to things you usually pass by or take for granted, as there may be important lessons there.  Owl may also be guiding you to uncover hidden potential and abilities.  Again, pay attention to the signs around you, particularly at night!

March 5th, 2015 Astrology & Energy: Full Moon in Virgo

"Virgo" by Carolyn Quan

                                   “Virgo” by Carolyn Quan

Happy full moon in Virgo!  A powerful time of upheaval, challenge, and change, this moon can feel emotionally draining.  We may be tempted to see things clearly defined as black or white, good or bad.  Be mindful and dedicate serious consideration to any situation that pops up where you feel that you are absolutely right and the other party is absolutely wrong (the same goes for the other way around). Virgo’s organizational tendencies make us want to categorize in order to make sense of our experiences, but a quincunx (awkward aspect) between the Moon, Uranus, and Venus can make everything feel a little muddled and confusing right now.  One moment, you’re inspired!  The next, you’re annoyed!  Be flexible, look for synchronicities, and don’t get too locked into any one way of thinking or being.

Breakdowns may be leading to breakthroughs at this time, endings preceding beginnings; take note of what you learn and experience, and remember no state of being or feeling lasts forever.  Whatever is happening now will change, so ride the wave and gather what insight you can from the experience. All you witness as light or shadow has an opposite of equal power, and now is a wonderfully potent time to pay special attention to the side of that coin that is not right in your face.  This may be your own mind or habits, those of someone close to you, or an experience that affects you emotionally on some level. That emotional component will make it particularly challenging to see the opposing forces at work.  Stepping away from the action, creating a special sacred moment and space (using music, incense, sage, crystals, whatever works for you), and writing a stream-of-consciousness list of “light” and “dark” can be particularly helpful. It seems rudimentary, but you can get a lot of insight and healing from this exercise, giving you a clearer view of the wholeness and interconnectedness of seemingly disparate things.  If you’re a visual thinker, it’s a great time to contemplate the symbol of the yin-yang, which balances dark and light with a little piece of the other within each half.

The full moon is always a wonderful time to release, so think about letting go of habits, thoughts, people, situations, beliefs, or realities that don’t serve your highest good anymore.  Clearing the way will allow something new and better to grow in that space. This is a time of transition and transformation in some form for every being on the planet; keep compassion in mind as you remember that we’re all in this together!