Mexicali Maine Event: Early Bird Sale November 3, 2012

The old saying “The early bird gets the worm” is especially true here in Maine on November 3rd, when the “worm” is not a worm at all, but the deepest discounts of the season!

Kick off your holiday shopping with big discounts and community spirit with the upcoming Early Bird sale extravaganza!  Originally started at Reny’s as an alternative to the first day of hunting season, the Early Bird sale has taken many Maine towns by storm, with local businesses offering sales and giveaways galore!

All Mexicali stores will be participating in this fun event, as well as many other small businesses in Bath, Boothbay, Ellsworth, Farmington, Portland, Damariscotta, Freeport, and Bangor.  Starting at 6 AM on Saturday, November 3rd, stores will open extra early with huge discounts that decrease as the hours get later and the day goes on.  Even night owls may want to change their ways for this one day, as stores will be offering discounts of up to 40% off in the wee hours of the morning.  It’s a great incentive to buy local, with terrific prices, prizes, and items far more unique than anything you could find at the mall!  Many towns have turned this shopping event into a townwide celebration, with music, coffee, donuts, and other goodies available for sale and for free in the streets!

Mexicali Blues is proud to follow in the footsteps of Reny’s in being the only Maine store (so far) to have the sale in all of our locations.  We will be opening at 6 AM and offering a whopping 40% off everything in our stores until 7 AM, followed by a discount of 30% from 7 to 9 AM.  For our far-away friends, or those who can’t make it out to the stores, we will be offering 25% off everything on our website from 6 to 9 AM as well.  We (and many of our other small business friends) will also be doing some big giveaways—-7 lucky Mexicali shoppers will each win a $100 gift card, and that goes for those who shop on our website as well! Newcastle shoppers, don’t forget that Mexicali has temporarily moved up the road to Main Street in Damariscotta!

If you join us in person, many local restaurants offer specials before, during, and after Early Bird for those weary shoppers who have worked up an appetite!  Some banks and insurance companies even offer babysitting services between 6 and 9, so your little ones can have some fun playtime and you can shop unencumbered!    Many towns also have a pajama parade and awards for the best PJ’s, so you can pull yourself right out of bed on November 3rd, and get ready for the most festive pajama party shopping hootenanny ever!

While Damariscotta has long been the home base of Early Bird with all local shops participating, Portland and Bangor are joining us for the very first time!  In Bangor, our friends at Central St. Farm House, The Rock & Art Shop, and Metropolitan Soul will be offering some cool early morning discounts, while in Portland we will be joined by Harbor View Gifts, Maine Potters Market, and Tavecchia.  They’re all awesome and unique small businesses, and you should be sure to check them out!

We hope you’ll join us and all our neighbors in supporting local business, getting great deals, and having tons of early morning fun!  Be sure to check out your chamber of commerce or local newspaper to get details for the Early Bird sale that is closest to you!

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