July 19th, 2016 Astrology & Energy: Full Moon in Capricorn


It’s a full moon in Capricorn tonight! Capricorn is represented by the sea goat, a symbol of balance and responsibility–connected deeply with spirituality, intuition, and the soul, but also concerned with structures, rules, ambition, and steadiness. He climbs mountains carefully, step by step, always seeking higher planes.

This full moon sits in a square with Uranus, the planet of upheaval, uprising, and breaking away from tradition. The influence of Uranus is particularly strong right now, because it is readying to station retrograde at the end of the month. If you think these energies sound somewhat conflicting, you’d be right! Squares like this promise challenge, and whatever you seek to resolve or accomplish now probably won’t come easily.

Part of this comes from the Capricorn-influenced inclination to rigidly cling to certain emotions or interpretations of the situation at hand. One may, for example, be *certain* that a particular problem is best solved through cut-and-dry logic, with emotion kept tightly under wraps and out of the way. While it is important to not be swept away in emotion, being willing to go into and feel whatever comes up might be the best way to get through and beyond. Pay attention to inclinations to repress, and ask yourself: What situations bring these up? What emotions are you most resistant to experiencing? What are you afraid will happen if you let it out?

Bringing intention to fruition at this time will require discipline and hard work, particularly of the soul-searching variety. If you’re ready, a willingness to examine aspects of the situation or yourself that you would rather not look at and are inclined to hide in shadow can offer surprising solutions to pragmatic problems.

We are all inclined at this time to look at past visions, lessons, and experiences to guide us; it is up to each of us to determine how we will use this energy, though. Will you cling to what has always been, flaws you’ve witnessed, and doubt because of past failures–or will you stop and question where those perceptions came from and if they still serve you? This moon can really help us see the Truth, of who we are, what is, and where we should go from here. As ever, the only way we’ll get there is to try to be compassionate towards ourselves and others, and Do The Work!

Asahna Puja: Tomorrow is Dharma Day!


Asahna Puja (known as Dharma Day), one of Buddhism’s most important festivals, commemorates the first sermon ever given by the Buddha. Under a full moon, the newly enlightened Buddha first taught his followers the four Noble Truths and explained the way to nirvana through the Noble Eightfold Path. Tomorrow’s full moon marks the anniversary of that world-changing sermon, an anniversary celebrated all over the world.

So why is Asahna Puja often called “Dharma Day”? The Buddha’s words that long-ago eveningare said to have set “the Wheel of Dharma” in motion. “Dharma” can be translated as “duty” or “doing the right thing,” or as “protection” from the sufferings of this life. Understanding “dharmachakra” is the Buddha’s gift to the world. On Dharma Day, we show our gratitude for this great gift.

For Buddhists—and for anyone inspired by the Buddha’s teachings—Dharma Day draws the faithful to the temples, the places where they have learned the Buddha’s teachings. In Thailand, whole communities gather at their local temple at dusk. Large wax candles are lit all over the temple grounds. The moon rises while monks chant inside the temple. Then the monks lead the gathering around the pagoda three times. Everyone carries incense, candles and chains of flowers. The observance ends with a gathering around the statue of the Buddha while the monks chant. It is a simple and powerful ceremony that concludes with friends and neighbors praying for good fortune, making offerings to the temple, chatting and taking photographs on the temple grounds.

So how can you join this worldwide celebration of the Buddha’s wisdom? Find a serene spot to watch the moon rise on a beautiful summer night. Light your space with tea lights, string lights or luminaries, and spend a moonlit moment reflecting or meditating upon a teaching of the Buddha that resonates with you!

The Mexicali Blues Yurt Sets Up at Our Raymond Store this Saturday!


Our signature summer oasis is headed to the Lakes Region. We’re pitching one of Caleb Erskine’s bright and breezy Living Intent yurts at our store on Route 302 in Raymond and filling the airy, serene space with FREE, relaxing activities for mind, body and soul. Escape the traffic and explore yoga, henna tattoos, Sanskrit lessons, guided meditation … even hula hooping!

Our Route 302 Oasis opens at 11:00 am, and you won’t want to miss:

11:00am to 5:00 pm
FREE Hula Hooping Demonstrations
Our handmade hula hoops in carnival colors are getting everyone in a great summertime groove. Hula hooping gets hips swaying (and everyone smiling).

Noon to 5:00 pm
FREE Henna Body Art with Ella Coose
Get a FREE, all-natural, temporary henna tattoo from Ella, our amazing henna artist. In traditional Indian culture, mehndi designs awaken the “inner light,” and the intricate beauty of the patterns will illuminate and inspire you during your sun-drenched summer weekend.

1:00pm and 2:30pm
FREE Yoga and Sanskrit Lesson with Danielle Federico of Modern Spirit Wellness
Have you ever tried Kundalini yoga? KRI-certified yogi and spiritual teacher Danielle Federico will show us how to awaken the powerful but often dormant kundalini energies coiled at the base of the spine. The Kundalini experience is often described as a “deep electrical current” activated through free flow movement, breathing techniques and the rhythmic chanting of mantras. No matter what your skill level, a session with Danielle will warm your body and activate and vibrate your chakras. Limited mats are available, so bring your own if you can.

You’ll also be able to browse a marvelous mix of clothing, jewelry, home décor, accessories and gear you always find at Mexicali Blues. You can relax and rejuvenate on Route 302—visit our Raymond store on Saturday and see!

Mexicali Loves Music: Midcoast Maine Music Festival This Week!



One of our very favorite annual local events, theMidcoast Music Festival, is this week–Thursday July 14th and Saturday the 16th–and if you’re in (or can get to) the area, it is a truly magical summer concert event not to be missed!

The lineup this year features Primo Cubano, the Jason Spooner Band, the Oyster Creek Fiddlers, and more! Enjoy Maine’s best music, food, beer, and oysters in the Darrows Barn at DRA’s Round Top Farm, one of the region’s most memorable performance spaces.

No ordinary hay barn, performers and audiences from around the world seek out Round Top Farm – Darrows Barn for its exceptional acoustics and warm ambiance. This place is beyond GORGEOUS! Excellent and affordable food, wine, and local beer will be available at both evening performances, offered by two of Damariscotta’s favorite restaurants, along with fresh-shucked oysters straight from the Damariscotta River.

The Jason Spooner Band, performing on Thursday, July 14 at 6:30 PM, brings together the talents of Jason Spooner on lead vocals and guitar, Adam Frederick on bass and vocals, Reed Chambers on drums and Warren McPherson on keyboards and vocals. The band’s unique blend of roots, blues, funk and folk has earned them accolades across the country and skyrocketing popularity. Opening the show is Portland artist Katherine Matzell Frederick. Doors open at 6 PM.

The Saturday, July 16 show, also at 6:30 PM, will feature Primo Cubano playing traditional Cuban dance music dating back to the turn of the 20th Century. Son is the most popular style to come out of Cuba and is the primary contributor to the blend of Latin styles today known as Salsa. It was first a music of the country people and eventually migrated to Havana, where it was urbanized and began to draw a wider audience. Primo Cubano features guitarist Paul D’Allesio, Marc Chilled on trumpet, Lenny Hatch on congas, Eric Winter singing and playing maracas, and Duane Edwards on bass fiddle. Opening for Primo Cubano is ZEME LIBRE, a New England based band quickly gaining a reputation for its unique, high-energy blend of Afrobeat, reggae, ska and funk. Doors open at 6 PM.

On Saturday, July 16 at 2:00 PM, bring the whole family to hear the delightful Oyster Creek Fiddlers. This daytime show is a FREE family dance featuring traditional fiddle music.

Tickets for the two evening concerts are $20 in advance, $25 at the door, and $10 for students with a valid 2015-2016 ID. The family concert on Saturday is free, but tickets are still required.

Tickets are available here: http://www.midcoastmusicfest.com/ This fest sells out pretty much every year, so be sure to get yours ASAP!

The Midcoast Music Fest supports the conservation and education work of the Damariscotta River Association–a non-profit, membership supported, and nationally accredited land trust and conservation organization dedicated to preserving and promoting the natural, cultural, and historical heritage of the Damariscotta region, centered on the Damariscotta River. DRA has active programs in the areas of land conservation, stewardship, community education, water quality monitoring, marine conservation and cultural preservation.

We at Mexicali Blues love this event (and the whole mission of the DRA) SO much, we join forces with other local businesses to sponsor the event each year. We’ll be there rocking out, and hope to see you on the dance floor!

Your Oasis on Route One: The Mexicali Blues Yurt Sets Up at the Newcastle Store this Saturday!


A traditional yurt is built to travel with nomadic tribes, and Caleb Erskine of Living Intent Yurt Company built the Mexicali Blues yurt to follow ours. We’re creating another oasis for the Mexicali Tribe this Saturday at our Newcastle Store right on Route One! Leave stressful, high-traffic travel behind and step inside a peaceful place filled with FREE relaxing, mindful and wonderful activities: yoga, henna tattoos, guided meditation, and singing bowl sound healing.

Our Route One Oasis opens at 10:00 am rain or shine, and you won’t want to miss:


10:00 am (Meditation) and 11:00 am (Yoga Class)

FREE Meditation and Yoga with Adele Gale of Midcoast Yoga Shala

Adele Gale is a long-time friend of Pete and Kim Erskine and a gifted yogi with more than 30 years experience. She spent several years as Sheryl Crow’s personal yoga instructor and has delved deeply into sound yoga and meditation. She encourages all of her students to explore different yoga styles and to practice with different yoga teachers, and she will be bringing her own ashtanga-inspired, vigorous postural practice to our yurt. “My thing as an aging yogi is to find the place of greatest freedom in the body or the breath,” Adele explains. “My classes are always accessible to all skill levels. I want to create a moving meditation, to help you find that comfortable, completely embodied place.” This is a can’t-miss opportunity to meditate and practice with an incredible yogi.  Limited mats are available, so bring your own if you can.


Noon to 5:00 pm

FREE Henna Body Art with Ella

Get a FREE, all-natural, temporary henna tattoo from Ella, our amazing henna artist.

In traditional Indian culture, mehndi designs awaken the “inner light,” and the intricate beauty of the patterns will illuminate and inspire you all through a rainy summer weekend.


1:00 pm

FREE Singing Bowls Sound Therapy with Meghan

Enhance your energy with sound healing! Let Mexicali Blues marketing maven Meghan Costello introduce you to the relaxing, uplifting powers of our handmade Nepalese singing bowls. Meghan will show you how the bowls’ frequencies can raise the vibrations of our physical bodies and subtle energy fields through entrainment—the universal physical pull toward harmony.  “Good vibrations” doesn’t begin to describe it, so don’t miss an experience that will let you take on the rest of your day in a refreshed and positive way.


1:00 pm to 3:30pm in the Newcastle Store

LIVE Grateful Dead Tunes from Chuck and Gary

Before or after you explore the yurt oasis, step inside the store to groove to the music of guitar masters Chuck Jewitt and Gary McCue. They’ll be playing their favorite Grateful Dead music for us while you browse the marvelous mix of clothing, jewelry, home décor, accessories and gear you always find at Mexicali Blues.


You can relax and rejuvenate on Route One! We can’t wait to see you at our flagship store in Newcastle tomorrow!

Get Ready for Maine YogaFest 2016 at Mexicali Blues!

myf-b.jpgAerial yoga. Beach Yoga. Slackline Yoga. Yoga for Beginners, Yoga for Runners, Yoga for Rock Climbers, Hot Rock Star Yoga. Whether it’s your first time on the mat or time to push your practice (and yourself) in an exciting new direction, the Maine YogaFest in Portland has something for you. The annual three-day gathering kicks off tomorrow with Paddleboard Yoga and a Glitter Blowout Pre-Party, and we can’t wait!

Maine YogaFest takes place at the East End Community School and the East End Beach. Surrounded by stunning summertime views of Casco Bay, participants stretch their bodies, minds and skill sets in exciting new ways. Teachers and experts share their knowledge and insight in holistic health workshops, guided meditations, informative lectures and more. There’s wholesome and nutritious foods to sustain us and live music and circus performances to inspire and entertain us. There’s even a yoga camp for kids! It’s a warm welcome for anyone new to yoga, an incredible inspiration for more experienced yogis, and a celebration of community and cosmic unity.


So before we go, we’re stocking up on summery yoga wear staples like Jai Dharma Tank Tops and Jai Pranayama Palazzo Pants. Staff and customer favorites, these super-soft, flowing jersey pieces are filigreed in florals and so, so flattering. Mexicali Blues stocks yoga mats (exclusively in stores), mat bags, leggings and more, so stop in to get set for an amazing weekend of yoga.

So to all our fellow yogis, whether we see you in your favorite Mexicali Blues store or on the Prom this weekend, Namaste.



July 4th, 2016 Astrology & Energy: New Moon in Cancer


art by Louise Benton

Tomorrow night’s fireworks will sparkle particularly brightly in the dark night of the Cancer New Moon!  This New Moon is forming two strong aspects to both Saturn and Neptune, so it’s likely that this will not be a typical New Moon where we can set intention on this precise day and set off towards our wishes, hopes, and dreams.  Neptune may be influencing us to feel deeply but also unrealistically, and Saturn shows us that we may need to make adjustments before choices are made.  We might need to wait a day or two and consider what we really want to manifest before we can see clearly.

This New Moon is ultimately directing your attention to self-care and how you nurture yourself.  How are you taking care of you?  Can you love and honor yourself more than you want to please others?  Pluto is in direct opposition to this moon, and may be bringing up feelings of guilt or jealousy.  It also makes us analyze how we’re being affected by our relationships. Are your needs being met? Who is difficult? What needs to change for you?

It is likely that some will be finding themselves torn between familial duties and personal passions,  perhaps trying to be everything to everyone and spreading one’s self too thin.  Be on the lookout for tendencies of trying control the situation, under the guise of nurturing.  If you’re experiencing pushback from others when you are trying to do something “nice”, step back and take a look at your motivations.  What exactly are you trying to accomplish, and why? Be watchful for this behavior coming at you from others as well, and try to respond with compassion—remember that this way of interacting is amplified by the current astrology and likely won’t feel so prickly in the near future!  Be focused on your personal goals, who and how you want to be, and try hard to respond rather than react.

This moon may bring to light your shadow side, your weaknesses and “bad” behaviors.  Pluto digs up that which we repress or deny about ourselves.  The challenge now is to own these un-loved aspects of yourself, don’t dismiss them, but also consciously put more energy into doing what EMPOWERS YOU. What makes you feel strong? What makes you feel confident? What makes you feel that the world is filled with possibility? See the shadow but don’t let its existence convince you that you’re unworthy of your most sparkling dreams.  You might have an opportunity now to really witness the ways you sabotage yourself.  This may sound grim, but it’s actually really exciting as it will help you to move forward in a positive way!  Take good care of yourself, try to act from love instead of fear, and make some art if you can!